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True health comes from balancing your health.

..Ultimately, coming to an understanding that when we are "Off Balance" that can health is very difficult to maintain.

Kristen Raebiger Shaheen, RD, LDN

kristin raebiger


Her passion and dedication as a Registered Dietitian is evident the moment you meet her.  Her path of health and wellness started as a young girl growing up eating a lot of junk food/sweets to cope with some stressors in her life. She gained ~50# and became the 'big girl'.  Her self-esteem and sense of self was crushed.  In her late teens she began exercising and became a bit more mindful of her food choices. This change fueled a weight loss of more than 30# and shortly after the healthy behavior change it turned into an obsessive eating discover.  Her path of control, sadness, self-doubt, fear and anxiety has lead her to see her life's purpose.

"My past has lead me to understand and begin to correct my personal suffering/sadness, become more confident in who I really am, understand my fears and allow them to fuel and push me to become the greatest version of myself.  I have held on and tried to control almost everything in my life, only to find that the power actually comes when you can learn to let go!.  Ultimately, coming to an understanding that when we are "Off Balance" that health is very difficulty to maintain."

Our Approach

Our Story


Kristin graduated from West Chester University with a BS in Nutrition/Dietetics in 2004. Completed a 900 hour supervised dietetic internship in the Philadelphia/NJ area and passed the RD exam, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) in 2005.  Also a Licensed Dietetic Nutritionist in the state of  PA.

In addition to working as an inpatient dietitian in a hospital setting, she also served as the outpatient dietitian.  Learning to counsel on a one-to-one basis as well as counseling in a group session.  Practicing as the sole dietition at a Bariatric Surgery Center, she honed her skills in understanding Obesity and Food Addiction.

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  • Change comes when you are ready
  • Change is possible
  • Change requires work and perseverance
  • Change is difficult, yet rewarding
  • Change is inevitable, nothing stays the same